Are you looking for a safe place to land?  

Do you need a place to sit with another caring human being and share the painful troubles of your inner world?  Are you struggling with relationship issues and wondering why you feel so alone even in the presence of a loved one?  Is anxiety keeping you awake at night and sadness draining the vitality of your days?
As a licensed psychotherapist I provide deep listening and a clear empowering presence to guide your healing and hold you safe through the difficult passages of your inner journey. 

Meet me through these pages and and become acquainted with my work.  I welcome your call  to schedule an appointment if my approach seems like a fit for you .  .  .

           Emotional Healing for
                   Adult Families
Barry Bastian, M.S., M.A. LMFT
License # MFC43040
Licensed Marriage & FamilyTherapist
1275 4th Street
Santa Rosa, CA  95404